Classical Homeopathy is a natural, non-invasive healing art that recognizes that health and well being are affected by all aspects of a person's life.  Dr. Alex will ask about internal and external factors that could be affecting your health to determine the appropriate homeopathic remedy.  Remedies are highly diluted yet highly energetic substances that activate the body's own healing powers.  They are made at FDA-regulated homeopathic pharmacies and can be used in conjunction with existing medications.

Homeopathy is extremely effective and fast-acting for acute conditions such as muscle pain, ear aches, flus, headache, etc. However, seeking homeopathic care for chronic conditions is where this distinctive and deep-acting modality is able to heal at profound levels. Classical homeopathy treats the whole person, to promote complete healing rather than merely masking symptoms. Constitutional treatment, which can only be performed by a trained classical homeopath, is adept at correcting deep-seated roots of disease, such as tendencies toward recurring ailments. This type of homeopathic treatment may aid in increasing the body's resistance to illness, help in preventing the occurrence of chronic diseases and bring about a deep change in the whole person. The goal of homeopathic treatment is to achieve the highest possible level of complete health and harmony.

Here is a brief list of some examples of concerns that homeopathy addresses well.  If you have specific questions or don't see your concerns listed, you are welcome to call or come in for a complimentary consult.

-Mental Emotional Concerns (e.g. anxiety, depression, grief)

-Pediatric concerns (e.g. croup, ear infections, behavioral issues)



-Autoimmune Disorders


-Digestive imbalances

-Respiratory Illnesses



To help support your homeopathic care, there are times when well-chosen and high quality nutritional supplements are beneficial.  Helping you select brands and dosages that fit your specific needs is part of the care available to you.  While some products are stocked in the office, a vast variety is available.  An online dispensary is set up for you that provides you with access to nutritional supplements and wellness products. With this link, you receive a 20% discount and those products will be shipped directly to you.